Multicultural Student Association

After being involved on campus for one semester, I quickly became President of the Multicultural Student Association, a cultural student organization on campus. The Multicultural Student Association educates Wentworth students about diversity and culture through on-campus events and group outings. As President, I gained many transferable skills related to time management, budgeting, event planning, group processing, and communications. Additionally, I collaborate with other students and faculty to coordinate an annual, campus-wide event that includes performances, a fashion show, and food. I also increased the number of active members by 50% and coordinated several smaller events to get the organization’s name out to the Wentworth community. Through my committed involvement with the Multicultural Student Association, I was chosen as Student Leader of the Month in March 2010. Additionally, I was awarded the Advocate for Multiculturalism award in April 2010. This award represents my involvement in diversity and multiculturalism throughout Wentworth to advocate for underrepresented groups. I learned a lot about diversity, and the lifestyle of other cultures. I hope to implement these skills to my future career path.

Below is a video about my involvement with the Multicultural Student Association.


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