Additional Leadership Experiences

My other on-campus leadership involvement include participating in the Student Shadow Program and the Admissions Multicultural Host Event. For both programs, a prospective student shadow me for a day at Wentworth. I bring the student to my classes and lunch, as well as show the student around the dorms and academic buildings on campus. Additionally, I participate in online chats with the Admissions Office to answer questions that prospective students have about Wentworth campus life. These programs give students an opportunity to understand what a typical college day is like at Wentworth to help with their decision-making process.

In June 2010, I attended the National Conference On Race and Ethnicity in Washington D.C. This conference is for academia professionals, as well as current college students to discuss issues in the academia setting relevant to diversity. The conference gave me the opportunity to network and meet professionals from other colleges and universities around the United States. At the conference, I attended seminar sessions on multicultural mentoring and learned about different types of mentoring programs to start on college campuses. I also attended speaker events and learned about cultural stories that changed history, cultural fears and stereotypes, and cultural identity. These sessions helped me understand that everyone is the same overall.

Outside of Wentworth, I helped a new rental property business, JCN Properties, begin a basic design for its website. For this project, created the business logo, and added rental information, as well as pictures of the property to the website. The website will hopefully give potential tenants more information about the property, as well as make the application process more efficient.

Please click on the link below to view the JCN Properties Website.
JCN Properties

Below is the logo I created for JCN Properties.


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