Technology Assessment and Acquisition

This course, second in the series of four concentration courses, taught me the acquisition and assessment process necessary when a business purchases technology. I read articles to further understand the meaning of technology assessment and acquisition. Additionally, I worked on a semester-long, group project related to technology assessment and acquisition. This project consisted of both a report and a presentation.

The main goal of the project was to meet a business need of the organization. My group worked with MathPOWER, a community based organization focused on promoting the education of mathematics in urban schools around Boston. The business need for MathPOWER was the need for higher traffic to the organization’s web site. My group defined web analytics as the solution to the business need. The next step was to research potential web analytics vendors that met the organization’s business need. Once we chose several vendors, we evaluated each vendor based on realistic criteria that would relate to MathPOWER. This process helped us chose a final suggestion that we presented to a manager at MathPOWER, as well as to our classmates, and Management professors.

Please click the links below to view the report and presentation.

Technology Assessment and Acquisition Final Report
Technology Assessment and Acquisition Final Presentation


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