Introduction to Technology Management

This course introduced me to the foundation of technology management. I researched technology, management, and technology management to formulate my own definition of technology management. The definition was based on article annotations and an interview of a professional who uses technology in the workplace. Additionally, we shared information on a Ning website about technology management with classmates and graduate students.

At the end of the semester, I wrote a paper that defined technology management. This paper included the information from my annotations, the professional interview, and information from other students regarding technology management. The assignment was to define technology, define management, and finally use both definitions to define technology management. I defined technology as the process used to design, create, and engineering systems and products that improve our lives. I defined management as overseeing and communicating a decision-making process while forecasting ideas to transform ideas into reality. Finally, I defined technology management as integrating technology into business processes in a way that will achieve customer satisfaction.

Please click the link below to view the annotations and technology management paper.

Technology Annotation
Management Annotation
Technology Management Annotation
E-Commerce Annotation
Technology Management Paper


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