Research Methods in Business

This course taught me how to conduct effective research in both a business setting and a classroom setting. I learned how to access appropriate article databases, create effective surveys, valuate feedback, and compile a professional research report.

For the final project and presentation, our group assignment was to choose an organization in the Boston area and conduct research in an area that would benefit the organization. I worked with two other students to research how the Wentworth Bookstore could be more successful and increase their profits and revenue, specifically related to the design materials. We constructed a survey to collect information from Architecture, Interior Design, and Industrial Design students regarding the materials they need for projects, where they purchase materials, and what the bookstore could do that would motivate students to purchase materials at the school. After we collected the information, we compiled the information into tables and graphs for a final report and a presentation to the class, as well as the Wentworth Bookstore.

Please click on the link below to view the final paper and presentation.

Research Methods in Business Final Paper
Research Methods in Business Final Presentation


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