Principles of Finance

This course, taken at Simmons College, taught me the basic principles of how to conduct finances for a business. I learned important calculations such as net present value (NPV), future value, and interest. The course consisted included case studies, as well as service learning project.

One case study for this course was to calculate the financial forecast for a company and write an analysis of the forecast. The financial forecast calculated the projected income statement, projected balance sheet, and the additional funds needed (AFN).

Please click the links below to view the analysis and financial forecast.

Financial Forecasting Case Study Write Up
Financial Forecasting Case Study Chart

For the service learning project, the class partnered with Greater Egleston Community High School in Roxbury, MA. This was a group project based on a personal finance topic. My group researched and made a presentation about identity theft. The presentation covered information about the definition of identity theft, different types of identity theft, how to react to and protect against identity theft, and how it affects victims. We presented the information to both our classmates and professor, as well as the students at Greater Egleston Community High School. The service learning project gave me a chance to understand how a simple project based on the topics from class relate to the community.

As an additional assignment to the service learning project, I wrote a reflection paper about the service learning project. In this paper, I reflected upon why service learning is important and how it supplements the college education. Additionally, I discussed my thoughts about whether or not it benefited the students at the high school, and why social responsibility is important a business.

Please click the links below to view the presentation and reflection paper.

Identity Theft Presentation
Service Learning Reflection Paper


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